Hermit Crabs (Next Level Details About Their Biology)

I love keeping hermit crabs as pets. I was fascinated by their need for fresh and salt water. This document describes how they get water, if they have to immerse, the role of humidity, ideal temperatures, and exactly WHY they need salt water AND freshwater in their enclosures. AND it tells EXACTLY how and why they use the salt water and fresh water. Hermit crabs. Who’d a thunk it?

This looks like some arcane document from the fourteen hundreds (1400’s) but it’s just 1972. 1400’s or 1972: Same thing right?

This document discusses how hermit crabs store water in their shells and also, what the amounts of fresh water and salt water are. I didn’t know there was a variance on that. It also talks about the physiology of dehydration, rain, hyperhydration and the whole shenanigan is 148 pages long! I did find it a fascinating read. Nerd.


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