Making Sense of Veterinary Top-Tier Resources in Marietta, Georgia (East Cobb)

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Making sense of the veterinary resources available in East Cobb County, Marietta Georgia. This is not written for everyone. This is for MY clients in MY geography; and so I'd say to practically anyone else, that based on certain emergencies, choose the CLOSEST and fastest Emergency Clinic.

I’ll keep it brief.
The best Emergency Clinic in East Cobb in Marietta Georgia is a Dogwood Vet. The reason is: They are a “soup to nuts” full service operation that was founded on the principles of client centric, non “invoice strategizing”.
Leave some money in the clients pocket, and do what’s best for the animal, not necessarily the corporation. Here is their motto: “Let’s bring back the old times, when what mattered the most was the wellbeing of our pets.”
The cases that have come out of there have been thorough, (or not), based on the expectations, financial capabilities of the customer and the probable outcome of the case. They don’t go unnecessarily far down the road if the case isn’t treatable. They will tell the truth. Some places will answer each question you have with the stock answer: “We should know the answer to that question after the next few tests.” Those are 'commission-based' answers from vets looking for that 15%. My client feedback on the DogWood Vet option have been superlative.
  • LOCATION 1234 Powers Ferry Common SE
  • Marietta, GA 30067
  • PHONE (404) 609-1234
Animal Emergency Clinic of Sandy Springs

Animal Emergency Clinic of Sandy Springs is a non-chain-store entity with a good reputation, I believe there is a Dr. Biddle over there, who sounds well worth the drive. The cases coming out of there have been well handled. Like a lot of emergency clinics, they are dealing with volume issues. So some customers have been disenchanted by the wait times. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why a dog with its entrails hanging-out gets to go before your dog’s broken nail. Or, why you are the only person in the waiting room waiting for two hours, (And that it could be because all hands are on deck in the back, resuscitating an animal with a crushed trachea.)
 I like this Emergency Clinic, and consider them a good referral.
  • Animal Emergency of Sandy Springs

  • 228 Sandy Springs Place NE

  • Sandy Springs, GA 30328

  • Phone (404) 252-7881

  • Email

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